Stages Festival 2018: A Huge Success!


“Glastonbury for Musical Theatre Lovers”

“Musical Theatre Nirvana”

“Genuinely Engaging Personal Experience”

“Super-Festive Environment”

“My Kind of Festival”

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October 2018 saw Stages maiden voyage hailed a huge success as we welcomed guests to enjoy a sold-out four-night luxury musical theatre cruise.

Our cruises don’t just replace the usual onboard entertainment programme, but instead, Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas was transformed into a full Musical Theatre floating resort.

Guests were transported to the stages of the West End and Broadway with headline performances from Michael Ball, Beverley Knight, Lee Mead, Kerry Ellis and a host of stars as well as workshops with stars from the world of musical theatre and live Q&A events and activities.

Among the guests onboard Stages were a selection of national and international journalists and you only need to read their reviews to see just how amazing Stages was!

WhatsOnStage is the leading theatre website in the UK and reviewer Michael Davies was blown away by Stages: “Whether first-time cruiser or seasoned veteran, there’s no other environment I can think of that allows such friendly, fetter-free access to musical theatre performers of the highest quality.

“Like the best musicals, it’s a genuinely engaging personal experience wrapped up in the glitz and glamour of spectacle and showmanship.”

Meanwhile mother and son blogging duo West End Wilma had a ball. This pair have been taking over London’s theatre scene since 2012 interviewing stars of the stage and reviewing all the latest productions.

And their fantastic review is summed up wonderfully describing Stages as: “Glastonbury for musical theatre lovers. I can’t wait for next year when it will be bigger, better and slicker.”

The Sun’s showbiz reporter Benjy Potter is a massive musical theatre fan and delighted in the fact he could enjoy all the entertainment of a music festival but with the benefit of luxury surroundings:

“I vowed never to go to a music festival again after three miserable days traipsing around a muddy field on the Isle Of Wight looking for my mates.

“Yet somehow, despite my promise, I’ve found myself at one. But this time there’s no dodgy street food, irritating hipsters or smelly Portaloos to test my patience.

“Instead, 24-hour world-class cuisine, bottomless cocktails and a line-up of the West End’s finest stars are on hand to keep me entertained.

“This is my kind of festival.”

Travel writer Joe Morgan, from leading LGBT news website Gay Star News had never experienced a cruise ship before, and likened leaving Stages to Dorothy returning to a bleak sepia world in the Wizard of Oz: “If you ever want to take a trip to musical theatre nirvana, you don’t need a hurricane or some magic shoes. It’s right there waiting for you.”

We were also delighted to welcome onboard international cruise specialists and travel writers John Roberts and Colleen McDaniel. John and Colleen are based in the USA and travel the world reviewing cruises for a number of publications and blogs.

In their review for acclaimed website Cruise Fever they described the Stages experience as:

“The best aspects of a theme cruise are the facts that the daily program is packed full with all the stuff you love and that you are onboard sharing the experience in a super-festive environment with like-minded aficionados.”

You can read the full reviews here:

WhatsOnStage  https://www.whatsonstage.com/london-theatre/reviews/stages-musical-theatre-cruise-festival_47855.html

West End Wilma https://www.westendwilma.com/review-stages-floating-festival-2018/

The Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/7817014/amsterdam-cruise-stages-2019-round-trip/

Cruise Fever https://cruisefever.net/so-youve-booked-a-theme-cruise-heres-what-to-expect/

Gay Star News https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/you-can-now-spend-24-7-in-a-musical-theatre-nirvana-on-this-festival-cruise/#gs.qGvZgB38

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