Dublin, Ireland

Port of Call

Dublin is a world built of words. It’s cobbled streets and classic pubs and it’s drinking in History.  Dublin is a small capital with a huge reputation, and it’s mix of heritage and hedonism will not disappoint. All you have to do is show up. Dublin has been in the news since the 9th century, and while traces of its Viking past have been largely washed away, the city is a living museum of its history since then, with medieval castles and cathedrals on display alongside the architectural splendours of its 18th-century heyday, when Dublin was the most handsome Georgian city of the British Empire and a fine reflection of the aspirations of its most privileged citizens.


Where is the Ship docked?

The Explorer will be docked at the Alexandra Basin, Ocean Pier 33. 

This is approx 3.5km to the centre.


How do I book a tour in Dublin?

The full list of Shore Excursions will be available around 4 months out from the Festival

The One Thing You Don’t Want to Miss

Dubliners will admit theirs isn’t the prettiest city, but will remind you that pretty things are as easy to like as they are to forget…before showing you the showstopper Georgian bits to prove that Dublin has a fine line in sophisticated elegance. True love is demonstrated with brutal unsentimentality round here, but they’ll go soft at the knees when talking about the character and personality of the ‘greatest city in the world, if you ignore all the others’. Garrulous, amiable and witty, Dubliners at their ease are the greatest hosts of all, a charismatic bunch with compelling soul and sociability.

Even in these times of green juices and heart-monitoring apps, the pub remains the alpha and omega of social interaction in Dublin. The city’s relationship with alcohol is complex and conflicted, but at its very best, a night out in the pub is the perfect social lubricant and one of the highlights of a visit to Dublin. Every Dubliner has their favourite haunt, from the never-changing traditional pub to whatever new opening is bringing in the beautiful people. With more than 1000 of them spread about the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Other Fun Things to Do

  • Visit Kilmainham Gaol
  • Experience St. Stephen’s Green
  • The Book of Kells and the Old Library Exhibition
  • Guinness Storehouse


Shore Excursions Available

Shore Excursions are now available on your Cruise Planner.



You can only book a Shore Excursion if you have purchased the cruise and once the cruise planner is open.  Once this occurs, follow the below simple steps:

1. Click on this link: MY CRUISE PLANNER
2. Enter your ‘Surname’ and your ‘Reservation No.’ details which can be found on your booking documents.
3. Enter ‘14 Oct 2019′ as the cruise date and select ‘Explorer of the Seas’ as the ship, then press ‘Submit.
4. Make your purchase online following the prompts
5. You can also book Drinks Packages, Specialty Dining Options, Spa Packages and internet onboard.  You can come back as many times as you like.