Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are meals included in the price?

    Enjoy complimentary à la carte dining in the Sapphire Main Dining Room for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, the Winjammer Marketplace for all day buffet style dining, and 24hr alfresco dining in Café Promenade.

    Speciality Restaurants are also available – please note that cover charges will apply.

  • How do the shows work and am I guaranteed to access to all shows onboard?

    The shows are allocated according to your coloured sea pass card which you will receive when you embark.  The shows will be allocated accordingly to what people’s dining is and this will all be communicated closer to the time.  

    Therefore you will be allocated specific shows and times of when and where to attend.  Therefore no booking in advance is required.  Seating is not allocated but will be festival style in terms of a first come first served basis.  We will not book more passengers than what can be held in the theatre at over 3 sittings.   The great news is there is plenty of space and capacity for every group for all shows, so there is no rushing required at all.

    The remaining events on Stages at Sea will be run “festival style,” with multiple events going on simultaneously. The main shows will be in the main theatre and in Studio B where every seat is a good seat.  


  • Can I pre-purchase a Drinks Package for the cruise?

    We are delighted to announce several Beverage Packages onboard our Stages Festival cruise.  The full list and how to book can be found below on our website by clicking HERE.  The Deluxe Drinks Package is inclusive of onboard taxes and gratuities.  *Beverage package prices are subject to the currency exchange at the time of booking.

    Important Note from RCCL’s T&C’s:

    “All guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom and under the same stateroom booking number are required to purchase the same beverage package. The package cannot be shared by guests. Guest agrees to not provide or share drinks with other guests; a violation of this may result in cancellation of the guest’s package and the guest will not receive a refund or credit of any kind”

  • What is the dress code onboard?

    We want you to be comfortable and have as much fun as possible!  Our dress code is way more relaxed than a normal cruise, however we’d love for you to get involved and dress up on our Theme nights! The only dress code we do ask is that you don’t wear any bathing suits or ripped clothing in the dining room.

    We have one formal night which is our Tie’s and Tiara’s night on Day 2.  On the 2 non-theme nights, we have Smart casual.  This lies somewhere on the clothing spectrum between suited and booted, and jeans and a t-shirt – think shirt and tie with chinos for guys and beautiful cocktail dresses for women.

  • Will I get sea sick?

    Chances are you will not. However, if you tend towards motion sickness, you can purchase something over the counter or see your Doctor before you go.

  • Is internet access available from the ship?

    Yes, there are two options for staying connected while onboard.

            i) VOOM Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

    The fastest internet at sea is now available fleet wide. All you need is a wireless device with Wi-Fi capability. Choose from either our surf only , or our ‘surf + stream’ package for up to 5 of your devices! Package prices will vary.

    Log on to the to the network “royal-wifi” using your device, open your browser and follow instructions to log on.  Prices for internet access vary and are subject to change.

            ii) The Internet Cafe/Workstation

    These stations provide access to e-mail and the Internet, the location of which vary depending on the ship.

  • Is there a Kids and Teens program onboard?


    With Royal Caribbean’s award-winning Adventure Ocean® Kids Club, the fun never stops. From bouncing babies* to terrific teens, anyone between 6 months and 17 years is welcome – giving you some time to kick back and relax. There are playgroups for toddlers, parades for kids and teen-only hangouts. The areas for different age groups are located closely, – making it easier for siblings to be near each other if they prefer.

  • How do I sign up for the kids club / teenager club?

    As soon as you arrive onboard you’ll be greeted by our Adventure Ocean staff, they’ll then be able to enrol your children onto the kids and teenager clubs. Once they’ve been enrolled, your little ones will be gifted with handy wrist bands that can be used to identify them in the case of an emergency.

    Don’t worry if you miss this opportunity while boarding though, at any point throughout your time onboard your kids can join in with the fun at our fantastically exciting clubs.

  • What is an Onboard Expense Account? How do I pay for purchases onboard?

    An Onboard Expense Account is the cashless system used for all on board purchases and services. Your SeaPass card acts as your onboard ID, stateroom/suite door key and your card to charge onboard purchases to.

    The account may be set-up in advance through the online check-in process or at the pier when you check in. You can register either a credit card or set up a cash account.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Optima, Discover and Diner’s Card.

    You may establish a master account and add guests from your stateroom or even another stateroom, to be authorised purchasers on your account. Alternatively, guests in the same stateroom may each register their own credit card to their account.

    For each purchase made on board the ship you will receive a receipt at the point of sale.  A final statement will be delivered to your stateroom on the last night of your cruise holiday for your review. You can check your account through your interactive stateroom TV during your cruise. If you are travelling on consecutive cruises, your account will be settled at the end of each cruise.

    Guests that set up an account with a credit card should verify the statement.  If all purchases are correct, they will automatically be charged to the credit card registered.

    Guests with a cash account will need to settle their statement onboard before disembarking.  The ship will provide you with specific details when you set up the cash account. Guests are required to place a cash deposit when setting up their account onboard. You can also use Traveller’s Cheques to set up a cash account. We do not currently accept pre-paid credit cards for onboard payment.

    There is a daily spending limit set on cash accounts, dependant on cruise duration.


    Holding Charges

    Whilst you are onboard, your daily spend will be authorised at the close of business each day. Your card provider, as part of their standard procedures, may retain these authorisations for up to 28 days and this is outside of the control of RCL Cruises Ltd. For this reason, you may wish to set up a cash only account or register a credit card rather than a debit card at the start of your sailing. You may also wish to contact your bank at the end of your cruise to assist with any outstanding authorisations.

  • I may need additional help, e.g. medical condition, disability or pregnant?

    We welcome guests with special requirements or disabilities and work hard to provide the utmost support for you during the entirety of your holiday. From making sure you’re comfortable during the first stages of your pregnancy, to providing a helping hand for those less abled, we promise you’ll have a fantastic holiday, regardless.  Take a look HERE for more information on accessibility.

  • I have dietary needs e.g. coeliac, vegetarian, halal, kosher

    Going out for dinner and trying new foods is something we all enjoy on holiday, which is why we’ve worked hard to create a range of menus that suit most diets. If you suffer from a gluten allergy, keep an eye out for meals labelled ‘GF’ on our menus, as these have been crafted to not include gluten. Not only that, but if you ask a waiter to create your favourite meal minus the gluten, they can easily arrange this with one of the chefs.

    The same goes for those of you following a vegetarian diet; we offer an extensive choice of delicious vegetarian options throughout all of the restaurants, which means you can enjoy dining out wherever you choose.

    On top of all this, you can also request access to our onboard kosher menu, just make sure you email SpecialistServicesuk@rccl.com at least 60 days prior to your holiday. We don’t yet provide halal meals, but we’re working on changing that soon, so keep an eye out for any future developments. Further details about dietary needs can be found HERE.

  • When and how do I disembark at the end of the cruise?

    Before you reach the end of your cruise, you’ll be allocated a specific departure time, which you’ll receive via a letter delivered to your stateroom. When your last day onboard comes around, be sure to meet at your allocated time and place; from there, you’ll be guided off the ship by a member of the crew – all of this should take no longer than 30-minutes. Take a look at Royal Caribbean’s disembarking FAQ page to find out more.

  • What kind of assistance do you provide in getting on and off the ship?

    We have personnel with wheelchairs who provide assistance in pushing wheelchairs on and off the ship using gangways and boarding bridges. Please note our personnel are not allowed to lift guests. During peak times there may be a wait for assistance. If you need further details on arranging pier assistance, please contact our Reservations Service Team on 0844-417-0320*.

    *Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

  • What is the minimum age for consuming alcohol onboard?

    The minimum age will be reduced to 18. Guests aged 18 and over will not need to be sailing with their parent or legal guardian and there will be no requirement for a waiver to be signed. All guests will be expected to comply with our Company Guest Conduct Policy, which can be found at the Guest Relations desk once you board.

  • Am I allowed to bring any alcohol onboard in Southampton or in any port of call the ship goes to?

    Unfortunately you will not be able to bring any alcohol onboard when embarking in Southampton on Oct 15. Any alcohol purchased in Dublin or from Shops On Board during the cruise will be stored by the ship and delivered to your cabin on the last day of the sailing.

  • Does Royal Caribbean provide irons in their rooms?

    You can’t bring your own iron, or have an iron in your room, as it’s a fire hazard. However, don’t worry about any unwanted creases in your clothes, as we offer our very own Laundry and Dry Cleaning service onboard.

  • Does Royal Caribbean provide hair dryers in their rooms?

    Yep, each one of our rooms is provided with a hairdryer to style your hair, whether it’s for a day by the pool, or in preparation for your evening out. Find out more about our staterooms.
  • Can I take my hair straighteners/curling iron onboard?

    Yes, you can bring along your curling irons and hair straighteners, so you can choose between the tousled beach look and smouldering poker-straight hair.

  • What electrical voltage is offered on board?

    All of our Royal Caribbean ships are equipped with North American standard, 110 volts AC and standard European 220/230 volts AC outlets. You can use standard UK electrical items onboard, but will need an adaptor to use the UK 3 pin plugs in either the 2 flat pin US socket or the 2 round pin Northern Europe socket, both of which we use in the staterooms. Adaptors are available in most high street electrical stores, supermarkets etc.

  • How do I stay up to date with what’s happening on the ship?

    Prior to the cruise you will receive a detailed program of what you can expect during your festival at sea.  Then when onboard, you will also receive daily programs delivered to your cabin each and every information of everything happening around the ship.  There will also be TV screens and announcements informing you of activities, shows and events, so you won’t miss a beat!

  • Where does the Ship dock in Dublin, Ireland

    Explorer of the Seas will be at the Alexandra Basin, Ocean Pier 33 which is around 3.5km from the city centre.

  • What do you do when the ship is in port?

    There are a host of shore excursions that you can choose from. You can sign up onboard, or sign-up online before you travel. If you stay onboard you can relax, listen to some music or just hang out.  You can find more information by clicking on the Festival Details Page

  • What is the Smoking Policy on board?

    For the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, our ships are designated as non-smoking; however, we recognise that some of our guests smoke. Therefore, to provide an onboard environment that also satisfies smokers, we have designated certain public areas of the ship as “smoking areas”.  Full details of smoking areas will be provided onboard.