SONIA Interview (Part 1) – With ITV Reporter Caroline Whitmore

ITV Reporter Caroline Interviews SONIA – Part 1

ITV Entertainment Reporter Caroline Whitmore interviews SONIA while onboard Navigator of the Seas, the ship that will host Throwback 80s Festival cruise on Oct 12-15, 2018.

Being a entertainment reporter for ITV, Caroline has interviewed the biggest stars in the entertainment industry!  She also reports from many of the biggest music festivals in and around the UK.  We were very fortunate to have her come onboard and see first hand the sights and luxuries onboard the beautiful Navigator of the Seas. Below is the transcription is Part 1 from Caroline’s interview with SONIA, in the home of Throwback 80s Festival cruise.  Hope you enjoy!

Caroline’s Interview with SONIA :

Caroline: Well, I’m delighted to be joined by the wonderful Sonia in Cafe Promenade. How are you doin’?

Sonia: Oh, I’m doing fantastic. I’m on board this ship. It’s absolutely amazing!

Caroline: It really is, isn’t it? And tell us all about Floating Festivals, ’cause you’re part of the Ultimate 80s Experience, aren’t we? Tell us all about that.

Sonia: Oh well, yes. Well, we’re just gonna come on board and take over. It’s gonna be a massive 80s party, aboard this magnificent ship. Some fantastic artists, I mean, unbelievable. Artists that I grew up with, loving! Human League, OMD, Andy Bell from Erasure, Chesney Hawkes, – Oh, wow! – Pat Sharp spinning the discs. And of course, you know, you get to explore this magnificent ship with an ice rink. The theatre’s fabulous. There’s so much to see and do. You can get pampered. There’s a spa. I mean, it’s endless. It’s fantastic!

Caroline: It is incredible how they can fit all that onto one ship. And then, you’re all thrown in for the good measure, as well.

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